Keep a Diary


Keep a Diary


You might think there isn’t much to record but you could be surprised. This is undoubtedly a unique time and one that will be remembered. Some ideas below for you to record and take photos of.


Your meals, maybe you’ve learned a new skill, tried something new, invented a new recipe or used up some long lost tins and packets from your cupboards


Daily exercise, possibly you’ve found areas to walk in in your neighbourhood which you didn’t know existed.


Video chats with friends and family, maybe you’ve caught up with someone you haven’t been in touch with for a long time or a vulnerable person who is isolated at home.


A good deed (if you have a garden and lots of daffodils, maybe you could put some bunches out by your front gate for neighbours to take home to bring a smile) or maybe you did some shopping for someone


A new project you’ve started or a cupboard/room you’ve cleared out


Pictures and projects that your friends and family have done


Also could include any messages that you received that made you smile.


Treasure it and you can look forward to sharing it with the generations to come.




All activities undertaken at own risk.