Promotional Products Week

Promotional Products Week

Archer Marketing are please to support Promotional Products Week.  The aim of Promotional Products Week is to nationally raise the profile of promotional products and encourage their use within the marketing mix.  If a promotional item is useful, research shows that 89% of people will keep it.

Promotional Products Week takes place from the 14th-18th September 2015.

The top ten products that people will most likely take home as a freebie are:

1. Promotional pens

2. Branded bags

3. Electronic items e.g branded memory sticks/USBs and powerbanks

4. Branded or personalised mugs

5. Promotional clothing such as t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets

6. Notepads

7. Mints/sweets

8. Stress balls

9. Mouse mats

10. Stationery e.g. branded pencils, rubbers and pen pots

However, a large variety of other more unusual branded items are also given away such as branded ice cream, plants, shoe polish and screen cloths.

The Rugby World Cup has sparked a new demand and interest for branded promotional items, with sponsors and brands hoping that the euphoria of the event will allow them to engage with their customers on a very personal level, trying to give them a reminder of the event that they will keep for years.

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