Merchandise Management

The Flint merchandise management programme is designed to simplify the task of handling your ongoing promotional merchandise needs, saving you time, removing hidden costs and giving you the benefits of bulk purchasing without the hassle of storage.

How does it work? See our 4 step process below:

Understanding Your Needs

Firstly, we spend some time gaining an understanding of your individual needs – what products you use or would like to include, quantities, logistics, leadtimes – in fact every detail that is going to help us service your requirements effectively.


Storage and Despatch

Stock is securely stored in our warehouse and ready for immediate despatch anywhere in the UK and beyond.

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Catalogue or

Depending on your range of items, we can provide a simple catalogue of your product range, or an online webshop with controlled access, from which your selected personnel can call off items as required.

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All activities are tracked, and a detailed monthly report informs you of available stock, items for re-order and other important details to keep you in control.