Product Focus: RPET Multifunctional Bandana Snood

RPET Multifunctional Bandana Snood

Product Focus: RPET Multifunctional Bandana Snood

With many organisations seeking to reduce their impact on the environment and become more sustainable in 2021, eco friendly products are seeing a sustained increase in popularity.

This multifunctional seamless bandana snood is made from RPET. 100% recycled from PET bottles (130 g/m²) making it environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. Comfortable material that breathes, absorbs and dries quickly. Stylish accessory that can be worn in many different ways: as a scarf, hairband, mask, headscarf or wristband for example. Protects against the sun and the cold. The perfect versatile and eco-friendly face covering.

Made in Europe and custom branded with your design all-over.

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